Helping companies grow.


  • Do you want to build & activate an external ecosystem that can help you innovate and add value along your customer or patient journey?
  • Do you want to be more at the pulse of innovation and in touch with relevant startups and entrepreneurs to achieve your growth targets?
  • Are you a startup at the beginning of your journey and need help for your next growth steps?
  • Do you want to grow your global tender & contracting capabilities and business?

Growpal is partnering with other players within and beyond the health-care ecosystem in order to optimally help you develop, innovate and grow.

About Nico Bacharidis

I am passionate about innovation & collaboration in Healthcare and enjoy working with startups and young companies, finding opportunities and connecting them with the right corporates and stakeholders.


Having spent over 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry I have a broad experience in commercial leadership, business development and late life-cycle management. Having built and lead the global tender & contracting organization for Pfizer I have a unique know-how and experience in building tender & contracting capabilities, processes, policies, teams & tools.


I have a strong network within the broader health-care and startup community and access to a wide ecosystem of partners that can help you develop, innovate and grow.


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We collaborate with leading companies in healthcare and pharma and connect them with new and innovative entrepreneurs & technologies from all around the world.


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